* about me

Selected Professional Experience

  • President & CEO, The Public Health Research Institute, a biomedical research organization focused on infectious disease research. 1991-2005.
  • President & CEO, Kinney System, a nationwide parking company. 1987-1991.
  • Hill International, Inc, several management positions. 1980-1987.
  • Candidate for U.S. Congress. 1980.
  • Township Manager (CEO), Cherry Hill, NJ. 1977-1980


  • Harvard Business School, MBA. 1965.
  • Princeton University, BSE. 1962.
  • Camden High School, 1958


  • Retired 2005
  • Married, 6 children, 8 grandchildren (combined families)
  • Wife is an attorney (retired) and former marathon runner
  • Live in Key West, FL
  • travel in the summer … see http://patandlewtravel.wordpress.com/



10 Responses to “* about me”

  1. Hey Lew, I viewed your sites and I’m starting my writing career, intermixed with travel in an RV. “I’m planning to launch full-time RViing in the spring of 2015.” Your sites have inspired my soulful passions of writing assuring me that I’m on my chosen path to travel, writing and the adventure that awaits me in my retirement lifestyle. Take care and maybe one day we two travelers will meet.

  2. da AL said

    am enjoying your site :)

  3. jflynt47 said

    Mr. Weinstein, I love your book, “Flood of Evil,” not only because it’s historical fiction, but also because it deals with the Holocaust. I’m about to self-publish a trilogy which starts in Warsaw in Nov, 1918, as the war ends (about a small group of daring Jewish teenagers who see all the violence against Jews by the Poles, believe England’s “promise” of a national home for the Jews in Palestine, and decide to risk their lives to get there in the first few months after the war ends). My question to you, since you reviewed one of Chaim Bialik’s books of poems recently, is whether you know the name of the poem he wrote which uses this phrase: “Rise, wanderer in the desert, get out of the wilderness, the road is still long, the battle’s still great!”. I can’t find it anywhere, and would like to find a legal way to use it in the preface of my book. I know you’re extremely busy, but if you have time, you can read my profile on LinkedIn, where I’ve quoted Rabbi Peter S. Knobel’s very encouraging comments about “The Homeland Trilogy” (I hope to have Book One self-published early next year). Thank you very much for any time you are willing to devote in helping me find this poem. John Edward Flynt

    • Lew Weinstein said

      Very sorry but I did not read the poem you describe. Perhaps you could simply use it and attribute it as best you can.

      • jflynt47 said

        Thank you for getting back with me. I set up two wordpress blogging sites and have yet to get them to work properly (problems with ICANN that no one at WP seems to know how to solve). Your book is mesmerizing. I’m about to self publish a fiction trilogy that starts in Warsaw at the end of WW One and addresses the Third Aliyah, but I’m a lifelong student of WW 2 and the Holocaust. I can’t wait to get to the end of your story! John

    • Patricia Fowlie said

      I’m glad you blame England and not United Kingdom. “Perfidious Albion”. As a Scot well aware of our history I instinctively side with the oppressed not the oppressor.

  4. Lew Weinstein said

    Best of luck with your writing …

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