* invite me to your book club

 If your book club wants to read one of my novels, I will be happy to appear to discuss the book with you. If I can’t make it in person, we can do it by SKYPE. (I’ve done several book clubs via SKYPE and it has worked out well each time.)

Just click “leave a comment” below

or email me at authorlewweinstein@gmail.com   

and we can set a date.


at a Bradenton, FL book club …

“He is the most personable and interesting man I have ever met.”

“It was a highlight of all the book clubs we have had.”

“He is the most charming man who doesn’t try to be charming.”

“I would say he was a HUGE hit.”

Bradenton Book Club


a terrific discussion in the Florida Keys

DSCN0467-Weston Book Club group-cropped



One Response to “* invite me to your book club”

  1. Lynn Blocker said

    Dear Lew,
    I’ve just finished reading both “The Heretic” and “The Pope’s Conspiracy”. I was enthralled! I thought you left some hints in “The Pope’s Conspiracy” suggesting the possibility of a sequel. Was it just wishful thinking on my part or are you planning a third installment to the series?? I hope there’s more to come!

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