* “character” in Executive Power by Vince Flynn

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 4, 2009

Characters must be given the opportunity to become the object of our emotions. In Executive Power, Vince Flynn gives Mitch Rabb a terrific triumphal scene (p. 319) to match his outsized, outrageous character. Rabb barges into  a meeting of the National Security Council and first berates, then arrests the Assistant Secty of State whose email had caused the failure of an attempted hostage rescue and the deaths of two commandos. Realistic? Probably not, but who cares. The hero has been heroic, and his triumph in Washington is more important, for this reader, than his previous triumph on the battlefield.


One Response to “* “character” in Executive Power by Vince Flynn”

  1. Chrissy said

    I read a book written by Geoffrey Gluckman called Deadly Exchange that was right up there with Vince Flynn and James Patterson.

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