* Becky’s review of “A Good Conviction” (on Goodreads)

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 8, 2012

Wow this is an incredible book! 

I feel this book should definitely

be made into a movie.

I am thoroughly enjoying this author and his writing style. This novel really makes a person wonder how many innocent people are in prison. I am about half way through it and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery books & legal books

Finished this book a few days ago. I must admit that I have always supported the death penalty. Although after reading this novel(although the main character was NOT sentenced to death)my opinion has altered.

To read and understand how an innocent person can be convicted & sentenced to life in prison is harrowing. It could happen to any of us. 


purchase  * A GOOD CONVICTION  in paper or kindle



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