* Lew’s comments on THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy

Posted by Lew Weinstein on February 11, 2013

The Road - cover

The futility of continuing on for any purpose other than to express love,

but that is enough, and so he does, with no hope of any reward

other than that which he feels in the moment.


Is it a fearful look into what McCarthy sees as a possible future?

Is it an allegory for everyone’s approach to what we all know is certain death?

Whatever McCarthy’s purpose, which could well encompass both of the above and more, The Road is an utterly compelling read. The sparse sentences express emotion in so few words yet with such power. The absence of names makes the story universal. 

The only part that did not ring true for me was the ending. Why, among the possible choices, was this ending chosen? … any thoughts on that?



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