* It’s time to write more chapters of “Choosing Hitler”

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 20, 2013

Read the draft prologue of “Choosing Hitler” at …



Lewis M. Weinstein

Lewis M. Weinstein


For the past several months I have not written a single word on my new novel, tentatively titled “Choosing Hitler.”

What I have done is read and take thousands of notes from varied sources leading to January 30, 1933, that crucial day when Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. I will now carry forward the lives and relationship of my two major characters, Berthold Becker in Munich and Anna Gorska in Warsaw, from the earlier chapters already written into the tumult of the early 1930s.

When these new chapters are completed, so will the first section of my novel. My intent, as those of you who have read the Prologue know, is to take Berthold and Anna’s story through the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials in 1946. 

Many of you have been following my research-related reviews on Goodreads. I thank you very much for your encouragement and for many helpful comments and suggestions. For those of you who served as “early readers,” my special thanks for your thoughtful assistance. I look forward to calling on you again when there is more to read.

If you would like to know more about the premise of  “Choosing Hitler,”

you can read the Prologue at …




2 Responses to “* It’s time to write more chapters of “Choosing Hitler””

  1. Sally Kostmayer said

    Enjoyed lunch with Pat today. I noticed that you used Putzi’s book as one of your sources. He was a cousin of mine—-his mother was a Sedgwick. I never met him, but my sister Susan Tracy had lunch or dinner with him in Germany back in the sixties. She said he was charming and very tall.

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