* Lew’s review of The International Jew by Henry Ford … research for my 5th novel

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 1, 2013


Henry Ford … bigot

I’m only about 20% into this disgusting series of tirades published in a paper Ford owned. Probably the rest is more of the same. It seems to me that Ford’s loathing and fear of Jews matches that of Hitler, who had a life-size portrait of Ford in his Munich office.


Henry Ford was a very successful man.

What drove him to write this? What was he afraid of?

Where in his background or education did this fear come from?


Ford wrote 91 articles bashing the Jews in the 1920s, received much criticism at the time, and never changed his position or apologized then. He also got an award from Hitler, I think in 1937.


Henry Ford was a disgusting bigot who spread his views widely,

and surely contributed to America’s shameful failure to lift a single finger

to save Jews on their way to the ovens.

He spread the same message in the U.S.

as Hitler did in Germany.


Here are some excerpts from what I have read so far.

• (the) International Jew and his satellites (are) the conscious enemies of all that Anglo-Saxons mean by civilization
• The Jew is the world’s enigma. Poor in his masses, he yet controls the world’s finances.
• there are ancient prophecies to the effect that the Jew will return to his own land and from that center rule the world
• The Jews’ enemies were always stripping them of their last ounce of wealth, yet strangely, the Jews recovered very quickly and were soon rich again.
• This distribution of the Jews over Europe and the world, each Jewish community linked in a fellowship of blood, faith and suffering with every other group, made it possible for the Jew to be international in the sense that no other race or group of merchants could be at that time.
• The main source of the sickness of the German national body is charged to be the influence of the Jews
• the German people that the collapse which has come since the armistice, and the revolution from which they are being prevented a recovery, are the result of Jewish intrigue
• The principal Jewish influences which are charged with bringing about the downfall of German order may be named under three heads: (a) the spirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of German Socialism; (b) Jewish ownership and control of the Press; (c) Jewish control of the food supply and the industrial machinery of the country
• the German people knew that war meant sacrifice and suffering, and like other people they were willing to share the common lot. But they found themselves preyed upon by a class of Jews who had prepared everything to make profit out of the common distress
• Judaism is the most closely organized power on earth, even more than the British Empire. It forms a State whose citizens are unconditionally loyal wherever they may be … Its fleet is the British fleet, which guards from hindrance the progress of all-Jewish world
• we are not talking about merely rich men who have, many of them, gained their riches by serving a System, we are talking about those who Control
• the world will go on thinking of the Jew as a member of a race, a race whose persistence has defeated the utmost efforts made for its extermination

… More to follow if I can force myself to read more.


3 Responses to “* Lew’s review of The International Jew by Henry Ford … research for my 5th novel”

  1. Cathy DuPont said

    Lew: I was aware of Ford’s position on Jews but much of this is quite eye-opening. This was a fellow, as we know, who was respected and admired for what he did in American industry. I would be interested in knowing a bit of what formed his opinion.

    Hope you get through it without throwing up.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      There are at least two books on Ford and the Jews, which I have not yet read, which may provide explanation for how and why he formed his anti-Jewish views, and perhaps on the harmful effect those views had. The similarity between the views of Ford and Hitler suggests a common source, since, although each knew of the views of the other, they seem to have been formed independently. Understanding that common source will be an important aspect of my next novel.

      • Cathy DuPont said

        Thanks, Lew, and my apology for asking a question which you haven’t even gotten to. Look forward to hearing it when you get to it. Always appreciate your writing; so clear and understandable.

        Enjoy your trip…and have a “cheers” on me! Wish I was there….I could be carrying your bags, you know. Tell that sweet Mrs. I send my best.

        And reading a fav of yours, Tom Corcoran. Boy, how I’ve missed Alex Rutledge.

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