* excerpts from Judie’s (5 *****) review of THE HERETIC on Goodreads

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 21, 2013

The Heretic - for blog


excerpts from Judie’s review 

… THE HERETIC provides an intriguing story of life in Spain during the 15th Century.

… It grabbed and held my interest, making me want to learn more about the characters, both the good and bad ones.

… The book presents well-told explanations of the political situation at the time between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It tells why and how Spain introduced the Inquisition and what it meant to the people involved.

… I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in … the Inquisition … the history of printing … the history of Christianity … the relationships between (Christianity) and other religions.

… Weinstein tells how Christianity developed as Jews rejected the message of the original Christians. He suggests a major reason for anti-Semitism was the fear that if the Jews were right in their beliefs, then Christians must be wrong.

… “What if the Jews are still God’s Chosen People? What if Christ is not the Jewish Messiah? What if the Old Law of Moses is not invalid? If the Jews are right, then what is left to Christianity?”

… Weinstein provides information about the lives of the rulers of Spain at that time beginning with King Enrique, a rather inept monarch and brother to the future Queen Isabella. He also provides a theory of why Isabella, who had good relationships with Jews, became a supporter of the Inquisition.


The end of the book includes references for further reading. A study guide is also available at the author’s blog … https://lewweinsteinauthorblog.com/2013/04/22/discussion-questions-for-the-heretic/


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also in praise of THE HERETIC …


wiesel & dershowitz.

Elie Wiesel & Alan Dershowitz have lauded THE HERETIC


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