* Lew’s comments on “Fists of Steel”

Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 18, 2015

fists of steel + Anna's Challenge

An excellent source book on illegal German rearmament, begun immediately after their defeat in WWI and clearly aimed at rebuilding an offensive war-making capability.

Consider this chilling description of a protocol for panzer attacks, developed in 1932 before Germany had the tanks to carry it out.

“Guderian envisioned a panzer thrust … led by reconnaissance troops on motorcycles probing for weak spots in the enemy line … reporting by radio to a command post … tanks would roll up for the breakthrough … once they penetrated they would keep going, plunging deep into enemy territory to strike at command, communication and supply centers … infantry would follow in trucks to secure the flanks as the tanks forged ahead … a sharp surgical strike at the foe’s central nervous system, designed to paralyze.”

Guderian led the panzer assault on Poland in 1939.


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