* Lew’s new novel – A FLOOD OF EVIL – has been published!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 8, 2016


AFOE - kindle cover - 6-7-16


A FLOOD OF EVIL has been published.

The ebook is now available on amazon and a paperback edition will be available in a few days.

A FLOOD OF EVIL introduces a German Catholic boy and a Polish Jewish girl who fall in love and join forces to oppose Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. They are young, vital, and more than a little frightened.

The book opens in a Nuremberg courtroom, where Berthold Becker is on trial with other major Nazi war criminals. His life is saved when Anna Gorska unexpectedly arrives and testifies on his behalf.

Forty-five years later, the daughter of Becker’s Nuremberg prosecutor asks her father to collaborate with her to tell the story of the people in his trial.

“We’ve read her testimony,” the prosecutor says.

“There must be more,” his daughter responds. “If they’re still alive, I want to find them and tell that story.”

Book One of A FLOOD OF EVIL covers the lives of Berthold and Anna from 1923 to 1933, from Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch to his appointment as German Chancellor. Research and writing of Book Two is ongoing.


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