* excerpts from the Prologue of A FLOOD OF EVIL

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 14, 2016

Berthold & Anna photo

The story of Berthold Becker, a German Catholic, and Anna Gorska, a Polish Jew, is also the story of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the years from 1923 to 1933. It is a story of particular importance for all of us in America to understand in 2016. Here are EXCERPTS from the Prologue of A FLOOD OF EVIL …


… Berthold Becker showed little emotion as his jailer unlocked his cell and escorted him along the dark corridor lined with soldiers. For several weeks he had sat quietly and watched as the trials of the other high-ranking Nazis had proceeded, and for the past two days he had paid somewhat greater attention as the evidence against him was presented, and what he regarded as a pathetic defense followed. It wasn’t his attorney’s fault. He was guilty. He had done horrible things. He couldn’t change what he had done and now he would pay the price. He expected to be hung.


… “Berthold Becker was a member of the Nazi Party, and in that capacity, he participated in the commission of at least some of the crimes he has been charged with by this Tribunal. I am sure he expects to be punished.” She paused. “But for reasons I will explain, he should not be put to death.

… “This defendant is not now and never was an evil man. He was dragged into a maelstrom not of his choosing and from which he was unable to escape. It is easy to say he should have done more to stop the Nazis and in hindsight perhaps he would agree.

… “Berthold Becker had a unique vantage point during the entire Nazi terror. He knows and will tell a truth that others deny.” Looking back to the justices, speaking slowly, she delivered each of her final words as if it were a dagger. “You have the power to allow the terrible story of German evil and guilt to be known. Do not take the life of this defendant. Let Berthold Becker live to tell his story.”


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from an amazon review ….

“I was caught up in the book from the very beginning. It’s a powerful and complex story about love, fear and the corrosive abuse of political power. I would say a lesson we need to recall today. Enjoy it. I did.”



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