* a new review of A FLOOD OF EVIL … to be published in the Beth-El synagogue newsletter in September

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 2, 2016

by Amy Kaplan … 

Several outstanding new novels are set against the background of the Second World WarAFOE Berthold & Anna.

A Flood of Evil, Book One 1923-1933 by Beth El’s own Lewis M. Weinstein is the first of two novels Weinstein is writing about a German Catholic boy and a Polish Jewish girl.

Berthold is favored by Nazi party officials, yet is opposed to what the Nazis are doing. Anna wants a more modern life, and wishes to be the first girl from her village to attend the University of Warsaw. How these two meet and fall in love is one aspect of the story.

The real interest, for me, is in the details of daily life in the pre-War era and the close-ups Weinstein gives of the highest-ranking Nazis as they ascend to power.

The story is framed by a present-day narrative about the daughter of the man who ultimately prosecuted Berthold at Nuremberg; this young woman’s quest for more information leads her to interview the aged Berthold in Munich and Anna in Jerusalem.

This is an entertaining read that also educates the reader about a key period in history.


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