* research for the sequel to A FLOOD OF EVIL … The Spy in Hitler’s Inner Circle

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 12, 2016



This is an incredible story, scarcely believable, of how a well-placed German came to French Intelligence and offered to supply the most important Nazi secrets, and did so repeatedly over a substantial period of time.

What better resource could I look for as I write the sequel to A FLOOD OF EVIL, in which Berthold and Anna desperately strive to alert the western democracies to the dangers posed by Hitler.

I’m not finished my read, but here are a few examples …

… stunningly precise and varied intelligence was gathered by H.E. between 1932 and 1940 on the Nazi party, the rearmament of Germany, the organization of its military, administration and police, and on the activities of the Wehrmacht High Command and the Abwehr

… H.E., familiar with illegal border crossings, had taken stock of the risks. At forty-six, well positioned in the Nazi hierarchy, holding a superior civil post, now frequenting— thanks to the fame of his parents and his brother— the upper milieus of the Berlin military and civil societies … his privileged position in the party, the rise of his brother in the military high command, his extensive responsibilities in the Forschungsamt— all offered daily opportunities.

… From February 1934, H.E.’ s invisible ink letters provided a weekly report about the increasing motorization and mechanization of the German army



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