* “BANNED IN GERMANY” is now part of AFOE book descriptions on Amazon & Goodreads

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 14, 2017

Lew & amazon



From early October 2016 to mid-March 2017, A FLOOD OF EVIL was “suppressed” in Germany, unavailable for purchase. I was never notified that my book was no longer for sale in Germany. When I found out, by accident, Amazon refused to say why the book was suppressed, and also refused to say what prompted the suppression. After several days of fruitless back and forth, I changed the cover to remove a small swastika and the ban was lifted.

A FLOOD OF EVIL tells the story of German Catholic boy from Munich who becomes a Nazi and a Jewish girl from the Polish shtetl of Ciechanow who becomes an internationally known journalist. Improbably, they fall in love and join forces to try to stop the rise of Hitler. The story covers the years 1923-1933, and a sequel set against the events of 1934-1945 is currently being written.

On the original cover of AFOE, the Nazi/Jewish theme was illustrated graphically by a small swastika next to the boy and a small Jewish star next to the girl. These symbols have now (I hope temporarily) been removed. I am still trying to find someone in amazon management who will recognize and deal with what I regard as the extremely shoddy way I was treated.


NOTE: this description is now “live” at Goodreads but not yet at Amazon


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