* the powerful themes in A FLOOD OF EVIL make for a great conversation

Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 3, 2017


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I was thrilled today to have a 90 minute conversation with Julia, Petra, Patrick, and Diana, all of whom offered thoughtful observations on the various core themes with which my characters in A FLOOD OF EVIL struggle.

The group began with the observation that my book was in many ways different from the tens of thousands of histories and novels which have been written on the Nazi period. In particular, there was an appreciation for the way I structured the book to show how and why many Germans were both enamored by and trapped into acceptance of Hitler.

Most books, they said, begin chronologically close to the concentration camps and mass murder; yours begins much earlier (1923) and shows how those things gradually became possible. You also showed through your German characters a recognition of the fact that all Germans cannot be lumped together into a single set of common understandings and motivation.

It was in fact one of my most important writing objectives to show each German character facing the Nazi challenge in his or her own particular way.



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