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* Hereje noted in Princeton Alumni Weekly

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 20, 2012

Hereje is the Spanish translation of The Heretic, a novel by Lew Weinstein first published in English in 2000. It was published in Spanish in 2012.

The Heretic (Hereje)

By Lew Weinstein ’62
Posted on May 31, 2012

(Algaida) The Heretic, set in 15th century Spain, follows a Jewish family facing persecution from the Catholic Church in the years leading up to the Spanish Inquisition. As the main character, Gabriel, decides not to renounce his religion and continues to embrace his Jewish faith in secret, his family has to contend with a series of threats and dangers. Weinstein is the author of four novels.


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* The Heretic … read the Prologue

Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 28, 2012

“No. Don’t go out there,” she pleads.   “You stay inside,” he orders.  She shouts to her son. “Run! Get your father. Hurry!”

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* Lew discusses his novels and publishing experience at the Key West Library Cafe Con Libros author series

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 30, 2012

photos by Pat Lenny

As part of the Key West Library Cafe Con Libros author series, Lew spoke to a full house of 56 readers. He spoke mainly about his two historical novels, The Heretic (2000) and The Pope’s Conspiracy (just published), and also mentioned briefly A Good Conviction (2006) and Case Closed (2009).

In addition to discussing his novels, Lew also described the process of publishing as he has experienced it, including …

  • self-publishing before there was print-on-demand (POD)
  • POD as it is today,
  • working with two traditional publishers – The University of Wisconsin Press (published a trade paper edition of The Heretic) and Algaida Editores in Seville, Spain (published Hereje, a Spanish translation of The Heretic)

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* at a Bradenton, FL book club … a lively and thoughtful discussion of “The Heretic”

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 6, 2012

feedback from the book club …

“He is the most personable and interesting man I have ever met.”

“It was a highlight of all the bookclubs we have had.”

“He is the most charming man who doesn’t try to be charming.”

“I would say he was a HUGE hit.”

I am just overwhelmed by the responses of book club members to my appearance in Bradenton. Thank you Barb, for inviting me and for forwarding these wonderful comments.


Pat and I met Barb and Jack Harrison, and their entire clan, on the beach at Collioure two summers ago. Barb induced her book club to read The Heretic, and then asked me to join them at their March 2012 meeting.

What a group of thoughtful readers with outstanding questions. The discussion went on for over two hours …

  • what is true and not true in this historical novel? 
  • how fiction can be “more true” than the actual facts, by adding the inner thoughts and expressions of historical characters … if these are presented in a manner consistent with what is actually known about the characters.
  • how did I integrate my research and writing? how long did it take?
  • the reaction of Catholic leaders to my portrayal of one of the Church’s least proud moments.
  • the publishing history of what is now 4 editions of The Heretic, including Hereje issued in Spain last month
  • stories behind the blurbs of Msgr Tom Hartman and Alan Dershowitz

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