* Lew’s comments on NO WAY OUT by Emanuel Melzer

Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 9, 2016

No Way Out & AFOE.jpg

NOTE: As I await a decision on the publication of A FLOOD OF EVIL, I have been accumulating research which will be used in Volume Two of my novel, which I hope to begin drafting this summer.


This is a sad book, telling the story of the inexorable squeezing of the lives of 3 million Jews by the Polish Christian population after Marshal Pilsudski’s death in 1935. Fomented by right wing politicians and the Catholic Church, this accelerating Jew-hatred was much like what was taking place in Nazi Germany at the same time. There were some exceptions among Christian Poles, but not many. Most Poles wanted the Jews to leave but there was no place for them to go, particularly as the British lowered quotas for Polish Jews to emigrate to Palestine. The net result was a huge level of indifference when the Nazis conquered Poland, rounded up all the Jews, and murdered them at Auschwitz and other places.

Melzer’s book provides much detail on the economic and social persecution of Polish Jews, both through governmental actions and by unchecked violence.


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