* 2 reviews of AN EVENING WITH FRANK

Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 10, 2016

sinatra composite

5.0 out of 5 stars … Sensational! … By kentland on May 8, 2016 …

For all those who loved Sinatra and his music, this book of photographs will evoke warm delightful memories. Lew Weinstein had a front row seat for one of Sinatra’s legendary performances and luckily, he had his good camera along. From the beginning of this concert to its end, these extraordinary and intimate photos capture Sinatra delivering each song with his magical way of singing the truth. Sinatra always sang from his heart, and the evidence is here, in this beautiful compilation of unique and truly ‘one of a kind’ photographs. I am not aware of any other photographic record of Sinatra in performance that matches these pictures. Thank you for this, Lew. They’re beautiful! Mike Mulligan, Key West FL


I was born too late to experience the Chairman of the Board in person. Of course I’ve seen the clips and heard the songs, but until this collection of images, I never really enjoyed the full essence of Frank Sinatra. 20 stunning black and white images that are raw, unembellished, candid images that by their presentation alone will set the mood and transport you to the edge of the stage. I find the honest portrayal of the images only serves to enhance the experience and I swear I can smell the smoke from the cigarette as the haze dances among the stage lights and adds an ethereal touch to the photos. A wonderful compilation of images that anyone who has ever enjoyed the magic of the master would cherish.


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