* Why did it take you 6 years to write A FLOOD OF EVIL?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 9, 2016

AFOE - kindle cover - 6-7-16

Several people have asked me why it took 6 years to research and write A FLOOD OF EVIL. Well, this is a historical novel, and I think it’s my obligation as an author to get the history correct.

There are no scenes in my novel which simply tell the history, but often a few words worked into the ongoing story of my characters can set the scene in a way that makes it more real to the reader.

How much research? Here is the SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY which is included at the end of A FLOOD OF EVIL. At least one research note from every one of these books informed at least one scene in my novel …


Abel, Theodore … Why Hitler Came into Power

Allen, William Sheridan … Nazi Seizure of Power

Baird, Jay … To Die for Germany: Heroes in the Nazi Pantheon

Bennett, Edward W … German Rearmament

Bitter, Alexander … Kurt Von Schleicher

Blobaum, Robert … Antisemitism In Modern Poland

Broszat, Martin … Hitler and the Collapse of Weimar Germany

Burleigh, Michael … The Third Reich: A New History

Conradi, Peter … Hitler’s Piano Player: Ernst Hanfstaengl

Coppa, Frank J. … The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust

Cornwell, John … Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII

Davies, Norman … The Past in Poland’s Present

Dederichs, Mario R. … Heydrich: The Face of Evil

Domarus, Max … Hitler – Speeches and Proclamations

Dornberg, John … Munich 1923

Dorpalen, Andreas … Hindenburg and the Weimar Republic

Eliach , Yaffa … The Shtetl of Eishyshok

Evans, Richard … The Coming of the Third Reich

Ferguson, Adam … When Money Dies

Fest, Joachim … Hitler

Fest, Joachim … The Face Of The Third Reich

Fischer, Klaus … The History of an Obsession

Godman, Peter … Hitler and the Vatican

Goebbels, Josef … My Part in Germany’s Fight

Gold, Ben-Zion … Jews in Poland before the Holocaust

Gordon, Harold J. … Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch

Gutman, Yisrael … The Jews of Poland Between the Wars

Haffner, Sebastian … Defying Hitler

Hanfstaengl, Ernst … Hitler

Hanser, Richard … Putsch!

Harsch, Donna … German Social Democracy and Nazism

Hastings, Derek … Catholicism and the Roots of Nazism

Heller, Celia Stopnicka … Jews of Poland Between the Wars 

Herzl, Theodor … The Jewish State 

Heschel, Abraham Joshua … The Inner World of the Jew

Hetherington, Peter … Unvanquished: Joseph Pilsudski

Hitler, Adolf … Mein Kampf

Hoffman, Eva … Shtetl: The History of a Small Town

Jedrzejewicz, Waclaw … Pilsudski: A Life for Poland

Junger, Ernst … Storm of Steel

Kershaw, Ian … Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris

Krieg, Robert … The Vatican Concordat With Hitler’s Reich

Lewy, Guenter … The Catholic Church And Nazi Germany 

Manvell, Roger … Doctor Goebbels

Mendelsohn, Ezra … The Jews of East Central Europe

Mendelsohn, Ezra … Zionism in Poland

Michlic, Joanna Beata … Poland’s Threatening Other

Mierzejewski, Alfred C. … The German National Railway

Modras, Ronald E. … The Catholic Church & Antisemitism

Mommsen, Hans … The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy

Morris, Douglas G. … Justice Imperiled: Max Hirschberg

Mosse, George L. … Germans and Jews

Nagorski, Andrew … Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses

Niewyk, Donald L. … Social Democracy & Anti-Semitism

Nowicki, Ron … Warsaw: The Cabaret Years

Patch, William L. … Heinrich Bruning the Weimar Republic

Pease, Neal … The Catholic Church and Independent Poland

Peterson, Edward Norman … Hjalmar Schacht

Plach, Eva … Cultural Politics in Pilsudski’s Poland

Polonsky, Antony …. From Shtetl To Socialism

Polonsky, Antony … Jews in Independent Poland, 1918-1939

Remarque, Erich Maria … All Quiet on the Western Front

Remarque, Erich Maria … The Road Back

Reuth, Ralf … Goebbels 

Richarz, Monika … Jewish Life in Germany

Roth, Joseph … The Wandering Jews

Ryback, Timothy W. … Hitler’s First Victims

Schacht, Hjalmar … My first seventy-six years

Schatz, Jaff … The Jewish Communists of Poland

Scholder, Klaus … The Churches and the Third Reich

Sciolino, Anthony … Christian Anti-Judaism & Nazi Anti-Semitism

Segel, Binjamin … A History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Sinclair, Upton … Dragon’s Teeth 

Singer, Isaac Bashevis … The Manor

Smaldone, William … Rudolf Hilferding

Stachura, Peter D … Gregor Strasser and the Rise of Nazism

Stachura, Peter D … Poland Between the Wars, 1918-1939

Stehlin, Stewart A. … Weimar and the Vatican, 1919-1933

Time Life … Fists of Steel

Toland, John … Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography

Turner, Henry … Hitler’s Thirty Days To Power

Ventresca, Robert … The Life of Pope Pius XII

Wasserstein, Bernard … On the Eve: The Jews of Europe

Watt, Richard … Bitter Glory: Poland and Its Fate

Weitz, Eric D. … Weimar Germany

Whaley, Barton … Covert German Rearmament

Wolf, Hubert … Pope and Devil: The Vatican’s Archives

Yasni, A. Wolf…. Ciechanow Jewish Community

Zamoyski, Adam … The Polish Way: Poles and Their Culture

Zbrowski, Mark … Life is With People : The Culture of the Shtetl



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