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Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 2, 2016

AFOE Berthold & Anna

By A. Ferguson …

Very few writers can successfully write historical fiction as compellingly as Lewis M. Weinstein. I first discovered his talent when I read his 2000 novel, THE HERETIC. Through his ability to imagine the past as it might have been allows present day readers to delve into history with such a interest that they begin to see how the past draws our attention while demanding us to understand.

A couple of years ago, I was kindly given the opportunity by Lewis to be an early reader of his latest work, A FLOOD OF EVIL. As in the past when reading Lewis’ work, I became lost in the story. In this first book of a two book series, we follow the story of a German Catholic boy by the name of Berthold Becker and a Polish Jewish girl by the name of Anna Gorska as they find themselves in the midst of a world ruled by bigotry, fear, and hatred. This is Hitler’s world, a world that forces Berthold and Anna to unimaginable levels of fear and, in turn, courage.

With his latest novel, Mr. Weinstein is at his best when he challenges readers to look into the face of evil; to look into the depths of abject degradation — for in this he is fearless. It is not lost on me, as I hope it won’t be lost on present day readers that the rhetoric of hate and fear that was stirred up by Hitler could just as easily be seen in some of the rhetoric of one of the politicians running for President today.

It would be too easy for us to look away or to minimize the talk of would-be leaders when they speak to our fears in an attempt to organize a systematic hatred of any one group of people. To downplay as the world did during the years that led up to WWII would be foolish and disrespectful to our collective past. Indeed, when Hitler first arrived on the stage of politics, were there not people who minimized as well? By the time the world took note of the danger of having allowed a man of such vitriolic hatred such a platform, it was too late. Here is where Lewis’ novel takes root.

A FLOOD OF EVIL is a cautionary tale that warns against such ignorance and hate. Yes, it was indeed left to the real life versions of characters like Berthold and Anna to risk their own safety and security because they could not accept a world where evil men like Hitler were given a stage to perform and from which to rule.

It truly is unfathomable to understand what the Jews of Europe were made to endure at the hands of the Nazis, but in Lewis Weinstein’s capable hands, it is possible to imagine. And, in today’s world, where we might be closer than we’d care to admit to being in a position where such hatred and power might be in line to become reality, A FLOOD OF EVIL is made that much more compelling and timely.



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