* why I have not thanked many of you for your comments on my reviews

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 19, 2016

I have made it a point to thank all Goodreads readers who have commented on or liked my reviews. But three weeks ago I suffered a massive heart attack and, although I am recovering nicely, I have fallen far behind on my thank-you’s and I don’t believe I will have time to catch up, although I appreciate your comments just as much. Please forgive me. I will try to stay current with new reader responses to my reviews.


4 Responses to “* why I have not thanked many of you for your comments on my reviews”

  1. Judie Amsel said

    What a shock! I hope you have a complete recovery. Refuah shlema.

  2. Mary Ann said

    Please don’t apologize and enjoy every moment of every day……looking forward to hearing about ” happiness in the present moment”…….

  3. Lilo Huhle-Poelzl said

    So sorry to hear that you suffered a heart attack but so very glad that you survived it.

    Wishing you a fast and complete recovery,


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