5 ***** reviews of A FLOOD OF EVIL … thank you Marty, Ann Marie, Peggy, Peter, Judie & Ilene

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 4, 2016

AFOE Berthold & Anna


5 ***** from Marty Fried … posted Sept 13, 2016

I’ve always been interested in the how and why of the Nazi rise to power. There are plenty of stories about the holocaust, the evils of the Nazis, the torture, etc.

This book, though, is different. It told about how it got started, and what it was like for the people living in the middle of it all during the early days. And that’s what I liked about the story.

It starts out with the trial of a Nazi who is facing death for his part in the atrocities. Just another evil Nazi who deserves to die, it seems. But his death is averted by the testimony of a Jewish woman whose family was all killed by the Nazis, and she herself was forced to prostitute herself to the Germans to survive death. Yet she pleaded for his life, and he was

The book is about why she did this.

It’s a love story about a brave couple who did all they could to try to stop Hitler’s rise to power.

I went back and reread the prologue after finishing the book and found it to be much more meaningful and emotional after knowing the full story. Now, I’m waiting for Book Two, to see what happens during the actual war.


5 ***** from Ann Marie (posted Jul 14, 2016)

In A Flood of Evil, Lewis Weinstein has written a novel that is both compelling and riveting.

The love, strength and courage between Anna, the Jewish journalist and Berthold, the German boy which takes place during the rise to power of Adolph Hitler, is a real page turner. The mix of historical facts and realistic characters makes this a must read book. The author skillfully makes you able to believe that history is most certainly able to repeat itself.

Can’t wait for Part 2!! (NOTE: the sequel, as yet untitled, is well underway.)


5***** from Peggy Hart (posted Oct 12, 2016)

I learned so much history from this book. Can not wait for book two! For those waiting for book two, if you have not read “The Heretic” it is excellent!!!!


5***** from Peter Jowers (posted Jul 11, 2016)

Lloyd summed it up very well. I think it is a very good introduction to what must have existed: opposition to Hitler in his rise to power and during the war possible underground resistance, some of which is well known. I look to Part 2 coming out.


5 ***** from Judie (posted Oct 20, 2016)

The title, A FLOOD OF EVIL, refers to what would happen to the world if Adolf Hitler ever achieved power.

In 1946, Nazis were tried in Nuremberg. As the story begins, one young man, Berthold Becker, is the defendant who is eligible for the death sentence because of his Nazi activities. He has admitted his guilt, but before the prosecutor, Abraham Weintraub, completes his presentation, a Jewish woman, Anna Gorska, testifies that Becker should not be put to death. She told the court, “Bertold Becker, although a Nazi, did more than any of the great Allied nations to save Jewish lives. Many lives, not just mine. That is reason enough to spare his life.”


5 ***** from Ilene (posted Oct 14, 2016)

Lew Weinstein is a master at Historical Fiction. His description of the lead up to Hitler’s Germany is eerily similar to what we are seeing in this year’s presidential election. People then asked “how could Hitler rise to power”? Well, we’re living it, but I digress. The story is more than just a story of Hitler’s Germany – it is also a story of two unlikely lovers and the readers gets to learn how this relationship blossomed. Can’t wait for Vol. 2!





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