a 5***** review of A FLOOD OF EVIL by Lloyd Liggett … posted on Goodreads Jul 7, 2016 … thank you Lloyd

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 4, 2016



This is one of the best books I have ever read!

It is “historical fiction” of the highest order, and a thoroughly engrossing story of the beginning relationship between a young German man and a young Polish-Jewish woman against the backdrop of Hitler’s appearance and rise to power as The Feuhrer.

While it follows his rise, it also, gives us an insight into why he had such appeal to the German People, and his horrific hatred of the Jews; the inability of The Church or of neighboring nations to take a more active approach to recognize, or deal with the growing menace Hitler’s Germany was becoming.

On the fictional side, it shows how this young German man and this young Polish-Jewish woman are drawn into the maelstrom of WW II. At the end of which he is being tried as a German “war criminal” and she is the sole survivor of her family’s ordeal at the Auschwitz “death camp”.

This is Book 1 of Mr Weinstein’s proposed 2 book series. Book 2 will cover from the “start” of The War until the “war trials” afterward. I am, eagerly, awaiting Book 2 to discover “the rest of the story”. (NOTE: the sequel, as yet untitled, is well underway.)

A really wonderful read! My comments can not do justice to it!





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