* readers love THE HERETIC … Lew’s first and still best-selling novel

Posted by Lew Weinstein on December 25, 2016


Looking for an exciting read for the new year … a book you can both savor and learn from … here are extracts from reader comments about THE HERETIC … (please forgive me, but I love to read these comments every once in a while)

  • a thrilling and superbly told story

  • well paced and full of action; vivid characterization; makes you think.

  • the kind of narrative one savors rather than devours in a single sitting

  • beautifully written and it is obviously carefully and thoroughly researched

  • very well written, exhaustively researched and historically accurate

  • a vivid presentation of people living in a dramatically changing society

  • a touching well written book

  • explores the tenacity and resourcefulness of the Jewish people

  • presents a passion for beliefs that transcends unspeakable cruelties … inspirational

  • will pull at your heartstrings

  • a very well-written, historically and culturally intriguing novel

  • couldn’t put the book down

  • reminds me why I love historical fiction

  • a book which will open your eyes and broaden your knowledge

  • I loved the deep loving marriages

  • descriptions of characters, costumes, scenery, landscapes and religious traditions made this book come alive for me

  • moved me so deeply … the Catalan family now lives in my heart.



available on amazon in paper & kindle formats



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