* A FLOOD OF EVIL is banned in Germany!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 8, 2017


I have been having discussions regarding a possible book club appearance to be arranged in Germany, in the course of which I checked amazon.de, amazon’s German web site. I was shocked to find that A FLOOD OF EVIL was not listed.

Upon inquiry, I received an email from Amazon which stated that AFOE had been “suppressed” in Germany. Subsequent correspondence with Amazon yielded the following explanation: “During the review process, your work was found to contain material, which may include cover image, title and/or product descriptions or interior content, that is in violation of CreateSpace content guidelines for Germany and may infringe German law.”

That was it. No details. No indication of what content was objectionable. No statement of what guideline was violated.

It should be noted that the entire book, including the cover, had been approved by Amazon when it was submitted. No one said anything was objectionable. AFOE was initially available on all Amazon sites, including in Germany. I don’t know exactly when it was removed. No one ever had the courtesy to tell me when it was removed.

Obviously, I am furious and trying to deal with Amazon to get this situation resolved.


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