* Book Club in Berlin … Germans react to A FLOOD OF EVIL

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 29, 2017

AFOE (no swastika) & Lew


I am preparing for a book club meeting next week, in Berlin via Skype. I am very much looking forward to reactions to my book from Germans, all of whom have parents and grandparents who lived in Germany in the Nazi years.

The following questions have been suggested, but there is no telling where the discussion will go.

Q for me

* why did you choose this subject?

* how do you do your research?

* you began writing relatively late in life – what prompted you?

* what is most difficult for you in writing?

* when will the sequel be completed?

Q for group

* did you learn about Hitler & the Holocaust in school?

* did you learn anything different from my book?

* do you think the facts in AFOE are accurate?

* do you think the treatment is fair?

* what are you looking for in the sequel?

* what are your expectations (in the sequel) for Berthold? for Anna?



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