* recently posted comments (on FB) about A FLOOD OF EVIL … thank you Rebecka

Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 30, 2017

AFOE (no swastika) & Lew


Rebecka Snell …

I loved reading it. For years, Holocaust studies have emphasized the statistics, the count of the dead and methods of humiliation and death. Lew’s book intimately involves the reader in understanding the challenges for every day citizens, whether Jewish or not.

Then he employed the romantic techniques of successful novelists to keep us turning the pages and deftly drew scenes that will stay with you. Along the way Lew has included so many historical details, you may be tempted to forget that this story didn’t really happen. I suspect many did have similar experiences, nothing in life is black and white.

Recent documentaries have shown just how messy the reality was. In some ways, we have near clarity now. But, we must never forget!



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