“voice” in Write Away by Elizabeth George

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 9, 2007

·     voice is the tone that comes through the narrative when the point-of-view character is on stage  ·    voice comes from the character analysis you’ve created; if you’ve designed characters who come to life, highlighting the salient aspects of their personalities allows their voices to emerge  ·      a character’s voice comes from his background, education, position in society, personal and family history, prejudices and biases, inclinations and desires, belief system, what he wants for his life, his agenda in an individual scene, his arching purpose, his core need  ·    voice: use of language, vocabulary, attitude   ·      we’re inside his head, living the scene through him   ·     attitude reveals character   ·     reader can recognize connections to a character or can recognize that the character is very different (curiosity piqued?)


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